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This one-day workshop addresses the theme of “mHealth and psycho-physical wellbeing”. Both in academia and in industry, mHealth applications have recently started to address not only physical health, but also mental health. Apart from monitoring physical parameters to improve patients’ self-management of diseases, an increasing number of health monitoring apps include cognitive behavioural approaches and mindfulness.

However, the combination of mental support with specific self-management paradigms poses particular challenges for the design of the technology. For instance, constant access to detailed health data and information can interfere with mental wellbeing, as an overwhelming amount of health data can induce stress and anxiety.

The aim of this workshop is to address some of the challenges associated with the combination of self-monitoring and mental health and mindfulness goals. These challenges include, but are not limited to:

  • User research challenges: how can we better understand users’ motivations and needs for mental support via mHealth in order to develop better mHealth applications? Which patient populations can benefit most from a combination of self-monitoring and mental health approaches such as mindfulness? What are appropriate methodologies to understand users’ needs for mental support?
  • Design challenges: what does the design space for mobile health applications look like, combining practical self-management and support for mental well-being? What are the specific design trade-offs to be made?
  • Evaluation challenges: how can mental support in mHealth applications empower patients, and mediate change of unhealthy behaviours correlated with chronic diseases? How can we evaluate these effects of mental support?

The workshop will consist of introductory presentations of the position papers, after which we will use co-creation activities to explore specific common themes, approaches or issues in more detail. Such themes can include: methods for patient research on well-being, the definition of clinical scenarios, investigating the best mobile strategies to combine patient empowerment and self-management practices with mental wellbeing, etc.

Workshop proceedings will be available on the workshop website before and after the conference. During the workshop, further joint publication opportunities will be explored..

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